Richmond’s Confederate monuments have been taken down!

Decades of growing public sentiment combined with political will finally brought us to this historic moment.  Richmond’s Confederate monuments are down!


Now it’s time to pay the bill for taking them down – an estimated, unbudgeted $1.8 million. That $1.8 million will impact The City of Richmond’s budgets, already strained by the economic and human impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The financial impact of being on the right side of history could have an unintended impact on scarce resources allocated for education, housing, infrastructure improvements and much more.


That is exactly why Move the Monuments was created. Your donation will be dedicated to offset the cost of removing the Confederate statues. With your support, we can raise the funds needed to lessen the financial impact of removing these highly visible vestiges of systemic racism and oppression from our thoroughfares.


The time is now, and we are all part of the solution. Please click the GoFundMe logo below to support Move the Monuments.










All donations are tax-deductible. Donations will be collected via and processed by an existing 501c (3) organization, the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust (MWCLT), acting as our transfer agent. Learn more about MWCLT here.

Alternatively, checks can be mailed, payable to MWCLT, to 8975 Three Chopt Road, RIchmond, VA 23229.  Please write "Move the Monuments" in the memo line.


The Move the Monuments funds will be directed, in full, to the City of Richmond, with the explicit stipulation they be spent only on direct expenses related to removal of the City-owned Civil War monuments with any excess reallocated to Richmond Public Schools.


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